Monday, October 10, 2011

Harry's Law

A completely revamped Harry's Law made the going tense through the first episode. As the story arc moved on it was clear that Harry's Law has been improved, and I believe this despite how much I enjoyed the first season. In fact it has been drastically improved to the point that I feel it is one of the better new shows of the fall season. As the first season had progressed, new characters and some great actors were added slowly. This year, these actors and their characters, while remaining true to their persona's on the first season, have actually evolved suddenly and honestly to support a more serious and involving show that moves seamlessly from episode to episode. The first story arc was full of surprises so unique that I felt compelled to watch each succeeding show as quickly as possible. Had this revamp been in the offing from the first show of the first season onward, I should not be surprised. NBC finally has a strategy for developing shows without tagging them with Law and Order: at the beginning of their titles. After years and years of being disappointed by cancellations of shows before they could come to any development or even closure, I applaud the network for coming up with a show that has at least one concluded story arc that was utterly satisfying. Now hopefully the show will make it through the year and onward to a third season. NBC was just heading south before this sudden focus on quality. They deserve your viewership on this one, and the story arcs are short enough that you can trust them not to ultimately disappoint, like recently with The Event.