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CNN uplinks for Dan Quayle 2/15/1990

CNN uplinks for Dan Quayle visiting Greater Southeast Community Hospital
February 15, 1990

Dan Quayle first uplink

Dan Quayle series of uplinks to Atlanta

One more uplink added later:

Newspaper Sources:,1069409

While President Bush attended an international drug summit in Colombia, the source of much of the cocaine that floods this country, Vice President Quayle visited cocaine-addicted babies and met with a neighborhood patrol yesterday to see what he called "the other end of the drug pipeline" in Washington.

Quayle spent about an hour at Greater Southeast Community Hospital, where he met with administrators who told him they need more federal money and then visited seven infants born at the hospital to drug-addicted mothers. The babies, from 1 to 6 months, are known as boarder babies because they are medically ready to be discharged but have no place to go.

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Success is nice but.....

Well, success is nice. My test videos of one David Letterman excerpt and commercials attached separately are getting a number of hits out there on Youtube. They were only haphazardly seeded with index terms which may be the way I continue. My problem with this is that I know I can be asked to take videos down from Youtube. I have a lot to post and would hate to have the venue lost to me before I even get everything transfered. I will be actively looking for other avenues in which to post clips. There are some clips which could go viral but this is not my goal. I really want to just expose the news making process from this historic period.

I will need to advertise this blog on Youtube with the clips as my backlog builds because this blog is an index of sorts and should Youtube or any other place back down, I don't really want to lose people who may share my interest.

Next I will test a few CNN backhaul feeds as an introduction to what they are. Before the first Gulf War CNN had live "wild feeds" or backhaul feeds that were unencrypted. A portion of the 24/7 news process is open to see. Personalities come out, there are embarassing moments, etc. All of these show just a little about how CNN used to work before they had Fox News to compete with. My oppinion is that is the final period of actual news in America. CNN was bringing wider world coverage, more in depth coverage, because that was the way news people thought. You can see the ratings game here but it has not taken over. CNN was at the same time strengthening news and killing it.

The backhaul feeds portray them as sort of lumbering, being the only game of their kind in town. I am not sure how many of these I have left but I will try to weed through them to at least show some of the more interesting things. Seeing a news anchor waiting endlessly for a cue is hardly that interesting but over time any work place can become interesting to the child who is brought to work on kids day. :)

Anyway I hope you enjoy the relics left of my particular obsession, or that this blog finds one or two who are amused by things.

More video posts at least by this weekend.

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Back in Business

We have a vast shipment of slightly used VHS favorites from the old days of Michael's odd television choices. All future entries will be from my own personal VHS tape collection. That last entry was a trial entry. In fact, this whole blog is a trial of the worst kind. I hope to figure out a format that is easy and informative. This is a hobby. I don't expect everyone to be interested in everything but there are a few gems that might just be very interesting. The things I can remember are: CNN backhaul feeds (probably never posted anywhere), a huge haul of Beatles related materials (many already posted on Youtube, and I will try not to duplicate unless I feel my quality to be better or different in some aspect), odds and ends that I taped for the fun of it, a few for the historical value, and I will post as many commercials as I can find hidden on my tapes.  Earlier in my life I was obsessed with television. This is not true any more. Television is highly disappointing to me now except for the rare moment of journalism or well written drama. Television is still the most powerful educational media ever invented and it is mostly used for popular junk. I hope to add some history to the morass that is far less important than I ever dreamed it would be.

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1986 Letterman


David Letterman 720. 5-62  16 Jun 86   Penn & Teller (partial) Bob Sarlatte (entire)  
Rerun probably aired in 1987
Hershey's "One of the All Time Greats"
Pontiac "We Build Excitement"
Pillsbury "Microwave Pizza" "Pop Pop, Beep Beep"
Nuprin " Little, Yellow, Different, Better."
Contact Cough Formula
Bud light "Spuds McKenzie Fright Night"