Thursday, January 24, 2013

Beginning: John Lennon Coverage 12-09-80 and CNN backhauls

This is the official beginning of my video blog in the form that it will be for quite some time. I had been previously experimenting, and then had no time. I will be posting a random mixture of things that I always thought should be archived. CNN backhaul feed - Jan Hopkins - Dollars and Cents (It appears she is a bit late to the set. Please excuse foul language but these things are what they are.) I watched many hours of backhaul feeds. I taped a lot of them to watch later. It is odd, but many of them tell a story or at least capture a moment. Like any moment in life that seems rather inconsequential, there seems to always be something to grab one's attention. I'm sure I like this stuff far more than anyone else, but that is my life. :) There is an odd thing that I noticed after watching business backhauls. Apparently, the computer feed for the business ticker was only on the desk of the on air personality. You can imagine how simple the computers were back then. I think that there was a rule that business "quotes" could not be run real time but the anchor could read them off the computer. That is why she has to look at her monitor to tell others the figures. I only guessed this after watching a lot of these. I further guess that the subscription for one computer was extremely expensive and that is why there is only one. This is the actual first time that I pressed play and record with the intent of archiving. There is a long story to this day and the day before. I will tell it some time. I am fairly certain this is a unique video that no one else has unless NBC kept an archive. I lost a lot of respect for news coverage this day and in the days to come. A life event had occured and the coverage was just... limp coverage.