Tuesday, July 24, 2012

CNN uplinks for Dan Quayle 2/15/1990

CNN uplinks for Dan Quayle visiting Greater Southeast Community Hospital
February 15, 1990

Dan Quayle first uplink

Dan Quayle series of uplinks to Atlanta

One more uplink added later:

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While President Bush attended an international drug summit in Colombia, the source of much of the cocaine that floods this country, Vice President Quayle visited cocaine-addicted babies and met with a neighborhood patrol yesterday to see what he called "the other end of the drug pipeline" in Washington.

Quayle spent about an hour at Greater Southeast Community Hospital, where he met with administrators who told him they need more federal money and then visited seven infants born at the hospital to drug-addicted mothers. The babies, from 1 to 6 months, are known as boarder babies because they are medically ready to be discharged but have no place to go.