Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Back in Business

We have a vast shipment of slightly used VHS favorites from the old days of Michael's odd television choices. All future entries will be from my own personal VHS tape collection. That last entry was a trial entry. In fact, this whole blog is a trial of the worst kind. I hope to figure out a format that is easy and informative. This is a hobby. I don't expect everyone to be interested in everything but there are a few gems that might just be very interesting. The things I can remember are: CNN backhaul feeds (probably never posted anywhere), a huge haul of Beatles related materials (many already posted on Youtube, and I will try not to duplicate unless I feel my quality to be better or different in some aspect), odds and ends that I taped for the fun of it, a few for the historical value, and I will post as many commercials as I can find hidden on my tapes.  Earlier in my life I was obsessed with television. This is not true any more. Television is highly disappointing to me now except for the rare moment of journalism or well written drama. Television is still the most powerful educational media ever invented and it is mostly used for popular junk. I hope to add some history to the morass that is far less important than I ever dreamed it would be.