Monday, July 7, 2014

Julian Lennon and Cynthia on Good Morning America

I cannot find any postings of this on YouTube or elsewhere. This is unusual for the more important recordings I have. This is a very early interview with Julian and his mom by David Hartman. David asks all the obvious crap questions. It is at least interesting to see Julian and Cynthia react to the questions. They both appear very ill at ease in this early exposure to the media. I always thought this was the first American appearance of Julian. Please correct me if I am wrong. This is probably one of Julian's first experiences with being interviewed. It shows he is an unassuming young man. I do not know what year it is. I will research and edit when I have time. I was looking for an interview, because I have an extensive collection, that was most likely fairly rare or I had in better shape than what someone else had (that is unlikely)  to begin my second spat of video postings. Also, here I am using itself for the video rather than Vimeo. Wish me luck. 

David H. begins by saying "Very well, thank you," in response to "Hello David." :) 


Julian. I have always loved your work.