Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Tom Snyder 3/10/95 J. Z. Knight - Sparky Anderson - Rita Rudner

This is an example of the Late Late Show with Tom Snyder - This incarnation of Tom Snyder was produced by David Letterman who had much earlier displaced Snyder's ground breaking Tomorrow when Letterman began in late night following Johnny Carson, when Carson went to one hour. That is clear... right? :)  Tom Snyder had interesting guests and did thoughtful interviews. Regardless of what you think about his style... his shows were always a bit more centered on educational fare. This is why I watched "Tomorrow" when I could when i was a young man and why this was the main show I wanted to record when I first got a VCR and could shift his show to a more convenient time. This later version of his show was really just nostalgic to me.