Monday, February 11, 2013

Backhaul feed CNN - Jeanne Moos - UN 1/10/91

Accidental pun in file title but funny considering the subject below.

I think all of my backhaul vids are dated before the first Gulf War. CNN scrambled its backhaul feeds after this due to security concerns. During the Gulf War a protester managed to get into the studio from a tour and cause havoc. Security concerns from this and war reporting in general probably caused them to scramble things.

Jeanne Moos:
This is a the best biography I could find. I think it is interesting that Jeanne Moos is such a ground breaking female reporter yet I cannot find a whole lot on her.

She is a great reporter. She is excellent in this clip but  it is Jeanne Moos, being "very careful."  I was trying to date this report and could find no fact of substance at all to search on. This is the nature of what the CNN 24 hour news cycle brought to the art of news reporting. The live feed was and is all the rage. And what it brings is a fear of reporting something inaccurately. With live updates and the emphasis of beating the other networks to the story (in this case mostly just the nightly news on the regulars) there is little time to fact check. There are strained resources because of the demands of coming up with 24 hours of programming. These kind of non-informational reports are standard today across all realms of instant news reporting. I only found by researching another clip.

Contrast this to any article or report that teaches you everything you need to know about a subject. I know they can be found because I come across one once in a while. Everything is put into context. There is not assumption on the part of the report that the viewer has all the facts up until this moment. I could go on and on about what is entertaining and gains ratings, and what is education and gains understanding, but I am not a great reporter. :)

Take a look at that giant ring. She was WAY ahead of her time. :)

I waded through a lot of tapes of feeds today before I found this one which was interesting to me. I found a show with Lou Dobbs but they cut out the sound between on air conversation so, while it is interesting to see him work back in the day, nothing much of his personality comes through and a lot of the clip is dead time.