Saturday, February 9, 2013

CNN Backhaul Feed 1991- Stuart Varney - Your Money

"The Varner is Here!"  Stuart Varney, now on Fox Noise I think, did some amazing work over at CNN, well according to the Fox site. Apparently he was instrumental in setting up CNN's business desk. I'll just take the word of Fox just because I have never done it before and it sounds like fun. :) Here are some clips from what looks like a typical day for Varney in 1991. First he decides to quickly tape the interstitial clips for the weekend Your Money show despite the fact that he apparently has an upcoming live spot. He also tapes a promo. Then I post 3 live spots. An assistant asks if Varney is cold in the studio. His reply is kind of humorous. Also at the beginning of one of these clips notice the line he uses coming into the studio. You can see he is incredibly good at reading copy. Nothing phases him. And he definitely is a likable guy.