Monday, February 11, 2013

Sarah Mclachlan A&E performance and interview



Repeat of the performance in the interview segment as a stand alone clip:

Sarah Mclachlan had always been someone I liked. After watching this interview I loved her just for her smooth way of handling this interview. She is private but yet open. She does a wonderful job of not telling what each song is about despite the interviewer's passive aggressive questions about song meaning.  I think his technique can be summed up as "We agreed beforehand that I would not ask these types of questions but it is all that I have. So by actually telling the audience that I agreed not to ask these types of questions, I can actually ask the question by putting you on the spot without actually asking the question." :) At the beginning of the interview he asks her if she is in the camp of not wanting to talk about song meaning, and later he admits in the interview that he already knows this saying he had agreed not to talk about individual song meaning. Sigh. Oh, I am very happy to have the interview and very happy to have the acoustic performances, but this A&E show need not have died. It could have worked as a morning show. But there are about 10 minutes of commercials before this spot, in one block. It is an awful strategy, I would think. Had they simply cut down the amount of commercials, they would probably have had a bigger audience and made up for the lack of commercial time with ratings. This show was sort of like Breakfast with the Advertisers who bring you bits of elegance, trust us, it will be here soon. Sarah is elegant, that is for sure.